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Tianci Magnetic Purified Water has been focusing on the water treatment industry for 22 years. It has won wide acclaim in the industry for its preferred products and perfect services, and has a high brand awareness and market influence. The team has a clear division of labor, each with its own duties, and a combination of people and posts to provide you with professional advice and service experience. Have a professional technical team to control the overall quality of the equipment from the source.

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Won the water-related sanitation license approval, quality management system certification ISO9001, environmental management system certification ISO14001, occupational health management system certification ISO18001, two utility model invention patents. Actively promote the construction of Tianjin's environmental water industry project and make outstanding contributions to the cause of energy conservation and emission reduction in Tianjin. Bearing in mind social responsibility and returning to society.

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Provide one-stop exclusive customized services, from field inspection → water quality testing → process design → product design → manufacturing → logistics and distribution → installation and commissioning → training acceptance → after-sales service, full of professional tracking and responsible for you Provide good products and good service. The professional quick response installer installs and commissions the equipment on site to ensure that the equipment is in good operating condition.

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Since the establishment of the company, a complete customer file has been established. Each set of water treatment equipment has established customer files. The customer service personnel regularly track the operation of the equipment, communicate with customers in time, and arrange regular maintenance of technicians.